XMP Edit Toolkit

XMP Edit Toolkit is a .NET library for manipulating Adobe XMP metadata.

Although Adobe provides low level XMP SDK, a higher level API is needed. Implemented in C#, IFilterShop XMP Edit Toolkit lets you edit and update Adobe XMP metadata from any .NET language, including C# and VB.NET. Its object oriented design frees application programmer from the burden of programming directly at XML and XPath level. Instead metadata is represented as .NET objects which can be manipulated in a domain specific manner.

IFilterShop XMP Edit Toolkit currently supports metadata in GIF, JPEG and TIFF images and uncompressed Adobe PDF documents. The following XMP schemas are supported ouf of the box:

IFilterShop XMP Edit Toolkit is easily extensible and custom metadata schemas may be added upon request. The toolkit is available immediately. To purchase or obtain evaluation version please contact us directly.