Below are excerpts of unsolicited letters from some of our customers:

Thanks again.. were a great help; I wish all technical support people were as responsive and helpful as you.

Greg, (last name and company withheld)

I must say that you are very thorough with the pre-sales support and I really appreciate it.

Mahesh T, Arch Chemicals, Inc

Thank you very much for all your help. It says a lot about your company that you were willing to help someone that much who was merely evaluating your product.

John W, AIT Business Services, LLC

My congratulations to a support department who knows their products and provide qualified and rapid support.

Jakob I, IM Soft A/S

Thank you for your assistance. Your awesome support is a big reason why we've decided to purchase your product.

Kristi D, Radiant Search

... now I know where to turn if I need filters and someone competent to support them.

Kai W, Bmpi AG